Sustainability Reporting Provider Measurabl Adds $2M in VC Funds

Sustainability Reporting Provider Measurabl Adds M in VC Funds
Measurabl's cloud-based software is now used to provide sustainability performance details for thousands of commercial buildings worth more than $ 250 billion collectively, and the San Diego-based startup continues to explore ways to enhance its solution.
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Assessing how cloud computing has transformed the workspace
Yet none of this could be possible without the cloud powering it, as Backupify has been investigating. The cloud provider notes that in the pre-cloud office, “computers were a mess of tangled cords and colossal towers.” This is of course a bit of a …
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Shadow Cloud Is Risky Business for SMBs
However, as cloud computing continues to gain popularity and more employees use the cloud on their personal devices, shadow cloud has added a new level of risk. "[Shadow cloud] is harder to find, because it is being procured at small cost and is no …
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Oracle's Solaris 11.2 Slaps on Support for OpenStack and SDN

Oracle's Solaris 11.2 slaps on support for OpenStack and SDN
Oracle Corp. has just pushed out a new release of its Solaris enterprise Unix platform, adding several enhancements that include OpenStack integration and various security, performance and compliance boosters. The most interesting addition to Oracle …
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Google Launches Cloud DataFlow, a Cloud Computing Based Data Pipeline Management Tool

Cloud DataFlow in Beta Version would be used to manage the large data pipelines of different social media activities or other cloud computing based feeds, and data flows from multiple online platforms.

GoogleThis was announced by Google Corporation during its annual conference for the developers at the last weekend that, it has started some new initiatives for the users of the cloud computing services of the company to enhance their experience. These initiatives includes many cloud computing based features and capabilities that can increase the satisfaction of the customers – the most important of them is the launch of Cloud DataFlow in Beta Version for managing the cloud computing based data pipelines.

According to the official announcement made by the company, the newly introduced tool would help users manage the large and most complex data pipelines with the help of the powerful drill down options of the tool. The Cloud DataFlow tool is capable of handling both the streaming as well as the batch of data to process and manage according to the requirements of the user.

While talking about the technical features of this cloud computing based tool of the company, the Head of the Product Marketing at Google Cloud Platform, Mr. Brian Goldfarb explained that the tool uses the same API for both the complex as well as the simple pipelines, which enables the developers to concentrate on their development work on the data, and allowing the Cloud DataFlow to manage the data pipelines. This tool takes into account all conversation between different segments, and is capable to handle the traffic among the segments with the help of different logics, such as, aggregation by sliding window, parts of map, keys and others.

This tool is capable to produce the graphical presentation of the desire reports out of the large volume of data pipelines. This tool provides monitoring information of the cloud application, auto debugging feature, and service level metrics.

“Cloud Dataflow handles both batch and streaming data,” as pointed out by Brian. “Imagine analyzing millions of tweets posted during a worldwide event in real time. In one pipeline segment, you read the tweets. In the next segment you extract tags. In another segment, you classify tweets by sentiment (positive, negative, or other). In the next segment, you filter for keywords. And so on. Map/Reduce — an older paradigm for handling large data sets — doesn’t readily deal with such real-time data, and doesn’t easily apply to such long, complex pipelines” he added.

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Charity Wins G-Cloud Hosting and Cloud Migration Contract

Charity wins G-Cloud hosting and cloud migration contract
Eduserv, a registered charity, has won a two-year Bristol City Council cloud computing contract via G-Cloud. According to the announcement, the £1.5m contract entails outsourcing of daily IT requirements as well as data hosting to managed services …
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AMAX Showcasing OpenStack-Based CloudMax Private Cloud Solution at

AMAX Showcasing OpenStack-Based CloudMax Private Cloud Solution at
CloudMax™, recent winner of Intel's Server Innovation Award for Best Data Center Product, is a total turnkey private cloud solution featuring OpenStack integrated with either traditional server or Facebook-inspired Open Compute (OCP) platforms, Open …
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Global Top 10 Automaker Adopts OpenStack for Enterprise-Wide Private Cloud
A white paper published today by the OpenStack Foundation describes how the auto manufacturer sought to leverage massive amounts of data being generated by the cars themselves as well as by customers, dealers, service departments, insurance …
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Vmware Brings Prompt from Amazon with New Openstack Framework
Vmware Brings Prompt from Amazon with New Openstack Framework SAN FRANCISCO: VmWare has been acutely focused on the application code illustrated by datacenter which is way for the past couple of years; however as of now the virtualization …
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KPN Acquires Dutch Hosting Provider Argeweb

KPN Acquires Dutch Hosting Provider Argeweb
Argeweb provides web hosting, domain registration, hosted Microsoft Exchange and cloud storage services. It is based in Maassluis, which is close to Rotterdam. According to a report by TotalTelecom, Argeweb currently serves more than 50,000 customers.
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Richardson cloud provider takes military approach to security to protect
While Web hosting providers such as Amazon and IBM dominate the industry, FireHost sees itself foremost as a security company. It's that focus, executives say, that distinguishes the 5-year-old company from competitors. “We're a security company, and …
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Latest Openstack News

SUSE catching up to Red Hat on OpenStack Icehouse?
open source SUSE Inc., the long-time second-fiddle of the enterprise Linux world, has finally started shipping the latest Icehouse release of OpenStack with its private cloud platform. The launch comes more than a month after arch-nemesis Red Hat Inc …
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Cisco Systems Releases UCS Big Data CVD Based on Ubuntu OpenStack
Cisco_logo Ubuntu OpenStack continues to be the “go to” platform for enterprise scale out solutions, as Cisco releases its latest CVD (Cisco Validated Design), Hadoop as a Service (HaaS) with Cisco UCS Common Platform Architecture (CPA v2) for Big Data …
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Latest Cloud Computing News

Video: Experts guide businesses to cloud computing
Decision-makers who attended the Cloud World Forum in June would have quickly realized that this year is a turning point in cloud computing. Cloud services are now at such an advanced level that hardly any new IT development is launched without cloud …
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Latest Openstack News

Four ways OpenStack improves enterprise IT
Industry discussion around the role OpenStack can play in the enterprise remains rife – given its open source nature, it is still viewed with suspicion by a number of businesses. When taking a closer look at how the industry is using OpenStack, however …
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Survey says: OpenStack and Docker top cloud projects
For the headlining result, best overall open source cloud project, votes were weighted, giving each first-choice three votes, two votes for second choice, and one vote for third. The combined results show infrastructure project OpenStack leading the …

Brocade's Tom Nadeau: OpenStack deserves a champion
Up until recently, OpenStack had been presenting itself as the product of a team of development comrades who put their loyalties to their employers aside to produce a reference platform that everyone can use in equal measure. But that was before the …
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Mirantis Eyes on OpenStack Based Cloud Computing Solutions in Western Europe Region

After strong presence in the USA, Eastern Europe, and other parts of the world, Mirantis is eying on opening new office in France to strengthen its OpenStack cloud computing solutions in the Western part of Europe.

MirantisThis was announced by the Mirantis Company on June 26, 2014 that it is going to establish a large office premises in the region of Western Europe to strengthen its OpenStack based cloud computing solutions in the region. This large center will consists of the R&D center, Customer Support Center, and Technical Operations Support center for different customers across the Western Europe.

It was further explained in the official statement of the company that Mirantis is working closely with the giant partners of the region such as – Pulsant, Orange, Ericsson and others. This newly established facility would be able to support the cloud computing based operations of the company in this prospective region. Mirantis further informed that the center would be located in the Grenoble, France. The training and consultancy services would also be provided from this center, as was informed by the company statement.

At this occasion, the CEO of Mirantis Adrian Ionel, in his official statement said, “The growing number of Mirantis customers in Europe such as Orange, Ericsson, and Pulsant. The company also hopes to tap into home-grown cloud computing talent in the region. We see Europe not only as a market but also a source of some of the best technical talent in the world.”

Meanwhile, the official statement further elaborated that the France based office would be headed by an industry veteran Mr. Patrick Petit who has already contributed a lot to the Sun Microsystems and Bull Corporation. He will focus on the ways to strengthen the OpenStack based cloud computing portfolios of the company in this region.

This is very important to note that Mirantis is pursuing a highly ambitious business program across the globe. In the wake of this program, it has already established very noticeable presence in the key regions of the world, such as – California, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands, and Poland. Now, it is planning to establish its footprints in the Western Europe with the starting of this new facility in France. Many analysts believe that there is a strong desire of the company to invest heavily in the domain of cloud computing operations in the European regions.

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Latest Cloud Computing News and Cloud Computing Sustainability
On the business side, it is easy to argue this San Francisco-based company has had a beneficial impact on customer relationship management (CRM) systems. In recent years the US$ 4 billion company has become a major force in the cloud-computing sector …
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Latest Openstack News

VMworld 2014: 6 Must-read Stories on OpenStack, SDDC
VMware (VMW) kicked off VMworld 2014 on Monday with several announcements on several topics: hybrid cloud computing, hybrid cloud computing and OpenStack. But without several angles on the news, channel partners wouldn't be getting the full picture.
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Latest Cloud Hosting News

CentriLogic acquires Adveniat, expands cloud, hosting and co-location footprint
Besides the colocation space, CentriLogic will offer Adveniat's customers its experience in hosting and infrastructure services for e-commerce and payment processing activities worldwide. USVI is also a key hub connecting South America, Central America …
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What went into NASA's big website migration
NASA has reached the first milestone in its effort to move more than 1 million pieces of content, including about 110 websites and applications, to an open-source cloud environment. The agency expects the shift from a proprietary to an open-source …

Business application hosting on-premises vs. cloud options
For example, if your organization is highly risk averse and has poor perceptions of public cloud computing, you might have to host everything in an on-premises data center. For some functions, an external provider's amount of domain expertise will …
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VMware Plays Nice With OpenStack, Unveils a VMware-Powered Data-Center-in-a

VMware plays nice with OpenStack, unveils a VMware-powered data-center-in-a
With VMware's Integrated OpenStack, as the company calls it, organizations that have an OpenStack cloud set up in their backend will be able to have their IT operations staff manage that OpenStack cloud using VMware's tools. This also means that …
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Business Wire
OpenStack, the open source software for building clouds, today announced the Superuser Awards, recognizing one outstanding team using OpenStack to improve their business while contributing meaningfully to the OpenStack community. Any company or …
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Joyent Cloud Computing Service Provider Company Appoints Scott Hammond as Its CEO

In the pursuit to strengthen the hybrid cloud computing based business, Joyent Inc, the provider of high performance cloud infrastructure hires Scott Hammond from Cisco Systems.

joyentOwing to the fact that hybrid cloud computing services are going to play a major role in the cloud computing based business in the near future, the Joyent cloud infrastructure and data service Provider Company hired one of the most suitable candidate for the top slot of its management. It was announced on June 25, 2014 by the company that it has hired Mr. Scott Hammond for the position of CEO to strengthen the hybrid cloud computing business in the near future.

The official statement further informed that Scott Hammond has joined as the CEO of the company to help company achieve the business targets in the domain of hybrid cloud computing service provisioning and infrastructure building.

While talking about the background of newly hired CEO of Joyent Company, it was informed that Scott comes from a diverse experience in the domain of cloud business. He was working as the Vice President of Strategy and Business Development in the Cloud and System Management Group of Cisco Systems. He served as the CEO of NewScale Inc, which was later acquired by the Cisco Systems, and he was appointed as the VP in Cisco System.

The expertise of Scott includes data center automation, cloud computing infrastructure business, successful development of startup companies, and many others.

Mr. Scott Hammond, while talking about his new responsibilities said, “Joyent has a massive market opportunity coming into the era of hybrid cloud adoption. The long tail of cloud computing kicked off in the enterprise and will multiply dramatically as large and midsize companies move to deploy applications written for the cloud, in the cloud. What we’re seeing now is essentially the next stage of hardware consolidation, where we’re going from a 10x return on server spend from virtualization, to even greater consolidation by bringing the economics of public cloud into the data center. Joyent’s ability to provide a consistent, high-performance technology stack for both public and private use gives the company a significant differentiator and advantage in a noisy market.”

One of the members of the board of directors of Joyent, Mr. Charles Beeler, while commenting about the appointment of new CEO of the company said, “Through his leadership, Scott has a history of accelerating growth and driving new sources of revenue for both proven and emerging companies. As the cloud industry matures towards a hybrid future, his vision aligns perfectly with Joyent’s centered around a new economy of datacenters and cloud services”.

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HotLink Hybrid Express Wins Gold in Public and Hybrid Cloud Computing

HotLink Hybrid Express Wins Gold in Public and Hybrid Cloud Computing
SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HotLink Corporation, the market leader in transformation solutions for hybrid IT management, today announced that HotLink Hybrid Express™ 4.0 was selected as the Gold award winner, which is the top honor, …
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Microsoft's cloud-computing service has five-hour outage
Microsoft's cloud-computing service, which competes against rival businesses from Google and, also experienced some outages in August. It's unusual for cloud- service suspensions to affect more than one data center at once, and this is …
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Google acquires VFX firm ZYNC to bolster its cloud computing products
Founded five years ago, Zync uses cloud computing to create easy-to-use visual-effects services. Zync software uses online tools to take 2-D or 3-D models and make them look more realistic. The company is managed by VFX artists who have experience at …
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Latest Openstack News

Embracing OpenStack, VMware gives “integrated stack” a whole new meaning
vmware-logo After months of speculation topped with a string of earlier-than-expected product announcements in the week leading up to the conference, VMworld 2014 is finally here, and it's living up the hype. VMworld Inc. kicked off the first day of …
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Hey, biz bods: OpenStack will be worth .3bn by 2018
OpenStack looks like it will inject some $ 3.3bn into the market by 2018, growing from $ 890m this year according to 451 Research's recent Open Stack Pulse 2014 report. Much of that (roughly 70 per cent) will be from public cloud providers like Rackspace …
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IBM Launches ‘Navigator’ Cloud Computing Based Service to Enhance Analytics Portfolio

The Navigator cloud computing service would enable the customers to analyze the flood of big data to make sense out of the data deluge in the cloud environment.

IBMThis was announced by the Big Blue yesterday that it has launched the most exciting data analytics related cloud computing based application that will strengthen the analytics portfolio of the company services. It was further informed through an official statement that this cloud computing based application will help the users of the company services to make sense out of the deluge of the data to their businesses more viable and profitable.

The statement further informed that this application will allow customers to collaborate and run the large big data projects in the IBM clouds based on SoftLayer platform – and, this application is also capable of synchronizing the piles of data across different platforms, browsers, and devices, such as – Mobile and Desktop devices. This is one of the efficient and featured analytic platforms to dig out the most feasible data out of the big data deluge.

While talking about the key features of the product, the press release statement of the company elaborated that, “Because IBM’s service is built on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities that have been proven in regulated environments, it delivers the ease of use associated with consumer oriented content management and file sharing applications without sacrificing security”. It was further added that different departments dealing with the departmental and company’s data flood can easily collaborate, process, and analyze the most suitable information through different devices and tools.

The general manager of enterprise content department at IBM, Mr. Doug Hunt, in his statement said, “With today’s news, IBM is fulfilling an unmet need in the marketplace by providing a new service that combines enterprise grade security, governance and integration with mobile and web apps that are easy to interact with and use,”. He further added that, “This new offering surpasses the promises of our competitors, and offers clients a simple and easy experience to learn, try, and buy it.”

While talking about the commercial features and business viability, the company’s official statement explains that the cloud based Navigator application is highly flexible, scalable, and reliable. The security features of the application are highly robust and industry grade that makes it one of the most reliable cloud computing based services of the company.

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The Cloud and Container Based Hosting

The Cloud and Container Based Hosting
This enabled multiple users to host applications in isolation to each other, those applications could be anything but hosting web servers was the primary use. The hosted environment looked like a complete working operating environment, it would have …
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Hostway Delivers Private-Labeled Cloud for Resellers with Cloud Connex
CHICAGO – Cloud hosting provider Hostway Services, Inc. today announced Cloud ConnexTM, a hosted cloud reseller/partner platform that enables VARs, marketing agencies, system integrators and managed service providers to sell private-labeled cloud …
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Cartika Introduces InterWorx-Powered Cloud And Dedicated Server Hosting Plans
Toronto, ON (PRWEB) – Cartika, a leading Canadian provider of dedicated hosting and cloud hosting, has announced the introduction of hosting plans based on the powerful InterWorx web hosting control panel. InterWorx is an intuitive modern Linux web …
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Why Do You Need OpenStack?

Why Do You Need OpenStack?
Dell and Red Hat Cloud Solutions remove complexity, stabilize OpenStack and its operating environment, and rapidly deploy private cloud computing in any organization. Dell and Red Hat are working with numerous customers to design and deploy …
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For VMware, keep friendly tech close (and enemy tech closer)
… calls vRealize Suite; a family of products it calls Evo intended to speed deployments of software-defined data centers; and VMware Integrated OpenStack, or VIO for short, a software package designed for administrators who seek to deploy both …
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MetaCloud Hires Scott Sanchez and Niki Acosta to Push Its Private Cloud Computing Offerings

Scott Sanchez and Niki Acosta, associated with the Rackspace, are well known names in the domain of OpenStack cloud computing – and, they joined Pasadena based MetaCloud.

metacloudIt was announced by the provider of managed cloud computing services, both the hybrid clouds and the private clouds based on the open source cloud computing platform OpenStack that, it has hired two OpenStack cloud evangelists of the Rackspace cloud computing firm – Scott Sanchez, and Niki Acosta to strengthen its OpenStack based private cloud computing services.

The company has also expressed its pleasure that it has snagged two well known resources of the OpenStack giant Rackspace. It will be very beneficial for the MetaCloud in enhancing their private cloud based services.

While talking about their positions and the responsibilities in the company, it was informed that Scott Sanchez has been appointed as vice president, Strategy of the company – while, Niki Acosta will be taking charge as director of evangelism MetaCloud Company headquartered in Pasadena, CA. Both of these positions of the company will be located at the new office at Austin, Texas.

The MetaCloud is focusing on the easing out of the implementation of the private and hybrid cloud services based on the OpenStack cloud platform, which has been very complex in nature to run and deploy in the companies that support this platform. By the induction of these two big names, the private cloud push for the company will be created. MetaCloud plans to implement the managed cloud model of private cloud business, which will be very helpful for the customers. This platform will remove the issues related to deployment and maintenance of the cloud services for the prospective customers.

“Metacloud’s appeal is that it just works, letting those customers focus on their applications and business and not on being experts in managing and scaling a private cloud” said Scott Sanchez in his official statement regarding his decision to join the MetaCloud Company.

Many experts and analysts believe that this news will be very good for the MetaCloud Company, which focusing on its private cloud platform based on OpenStack – while, it does not auger well for the Rackspace, which has lost two valuable resources of the company to its emerging competitors. Rackspace is already going through some kind of major changes at higher management level to stabilize the company business.

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Enabling a New Future for Cloud Computing

Enabling a New Future for Cloud Computing
While most of the original concepts for cloud computing came from the academic research community, as clouds grew in popularity, industry drove much of the design of their architecture. Today's awards complement industry's efforts and will enable …
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Roundup Of Free Cloud Computing Online Courses Midyear Update
DePaul University College of Computing and Digital Media is offering a Cloud Computing Technologies Program where students will build their own cloud applications. Using Amazon Web Services, IBM, Microsoft and Salesforce cloud platforms, students will …
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VC investors choose cloud computing, mobile tech
The two firms released the results of their annual Global Venture Capital Confidence survey on Wednesday, which shows that investors are increasingly being drawn to top categories in the tech industry, including cloud computing, mobile tech, and robotics.
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Latest Openstack News

Get the Scoop on the Future of Cloud-Based Applications
OpenStack is the most talked about open-source platform, empowering businesses of all sizes and resources to build applications in the cloud and quickly scale up at any time. Are you ready to join the conversation? Join our webcast to get the full …

HP lets the SAN shine: StoreVirtual now bigger, flashier, OpenStack-ier
The StoreVirtual VSA is a fully integrated storage option for Helion OpenStack and Helion OpenStack Community Edition. Helion is HP's cloud offering. StoreVirtual Storage hypervisor integration has been improved with support for Linux Kernel–based …
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Nexenta Object Storage Targets OpenStack, Big Data
Software-defined storage specialist Nexenta launched the first version of it block and object storage package designed to provide inline data compression and deduplication on petabyte-scale clusters. The scale-out storage solution targets OpenStack and …
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Telstra Establishes Cloud Hub on East Coast to Strengthen Its Cloud Computing Portfolio Globally

In the bid to expand its global presence in the cloud computing business, Telstra Australia establishes the USA cloud hub, after Europe, Asia and Australia.

TelstraThis was announced by the Telstra telecom and IT service Provider Company yesterday, that it has completed its ambitious project to establish a robust network of the cloud hubs across the globe to position a powerful player across the globe in the domain of cloud computing and related services, along with the telecom and media services.
It was also informed that the company has successfully completed its planned cloud hub in the USA on the East Coast of the country. Earlier than this cloud computing service hub, the company has established one such hub in Europe, one in Australia, one in South Asia, and one in the East Asia.
While talking about the global ambitions of the company in the blended IT services, and especially the cloud computing business, the Global director of marketing, products and pricing of Telstra Company, Mr. Nathan Bell said, “No business process today is IT-only or communications-only, all are increasingly blended. So we see that hybrid is going to play a bigger and bigger role going forward”. He further added that, “A string of recent investments by Telstra reflected its new focus on delivering cloud-based services.”
The company informed through its official statement that the cloud computing platform used for delivery of global cloud services is fully developed in-house. This platform is called CSX, which is built on the Cisco servers, EMC’s storage equipment, and VMware’s virtualization technology. The Cisco Systems and Telstra announced the “First Partnership’ to establish the world’s largest network of clouds.
This newly established network of the global cloud computing services will be able to offer platform as a service (PaaS) for enterprise customers and a wide range of services that run software on the cloud platform.
“Our [Cisco] unified comms platform which we are about to roll out, sits on top of those cloud hubs. Our [IPscape-based] virtual contact centre sits on those cloud hubs. Everything we do sits on those cloud hubs … It is now easy for us and for our customers to replicate those services in any part of the world” said Nathan Bell in his interview.
The company is very optimistic that the CSX platform would help company achieve its targets in the domain of cloud computing services globally.

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Cloud Host Iomart Turns Down Acquisition Offers From Host Europe

Cloud Host Iomart Turns Down Acquisition Offers from Host Europe
Host Europe's attempt to buy Iomart speaks to a consolidation trend in mass market hosting which has seen a great deal of investment from private and public equity. Mass-market web host GoDaddy, which is owned by venture capital firms, was able to make …
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Rackspace Shares Fall as Cloud Provider Reports Q2 Results
After announcing record results for Q2 2014 including $ 441 million in revenue, Rackspace share price has tumbled, as speculation about the cloud giant's future continues. Rackspace opened at $ 29.50 on Wednesday, a fall of almost 6 percent since closing …
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Lumen21 Offers IaaS Compliant Cloud for Data Sensitive Organizations
The Compliant Cloud Computing service, launched on Monday, is built on the CSF (Common Security Framework) of HITRUST, the most adopted framework by the US healthcare industry. It is a certifiable framework used by companies to comply with data …
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Red Hat Introduces Open Virtual Appliance for Seamless OpenStack Evaluations

Red Hat Introduces Open Virtual Appliance for Seamless OpenStack Evaluations
RALEIGH, N.C., Aug 20, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Red Hat, Inc. RHT, +0.88% the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced Open Virtual Appliance for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, enabling organizations with …
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OpenStack Community Challenged By Dearth Of Talent, Complexity
As envisioned by its developers, OpenStack provided a welcome alternative to proprietary IaaS solutions and an opportunity for independent service providers to build robust public and hybrid clouds with distributed computing resources that had the …
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UW-Madison Chosen for Federally Funded Cloud Computing Research

UW-Madison chosen for federally funded cloud computing research
MADISON, Wis. — Cloud computing, which allows users of technology to tap into remote, shared infrastructure and services, is a major facet of today's world. Whether or not we realize it, countless aspects of our daily lives — from social media to …
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X as a service (XaaS): What the future of cloud computing will bring
Last week, Chris Ward and I hosted a breakout session at Cloudscape 2014, GreenPages' annual customer Summit. We spoke about cloud service models today (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), as well as tomorrow's models — loosely defined as XaaS, …
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Cloud Computing Drives IT and Business Agility Hybrid Cloud Accelerates Time
than "How will cloud improve revenue or my company's competitiveness?" Yet business decision makers want IT to help them drive innovation and accelerate past competitors. Forward-thinking CIOs are deploying cloud computing as a strategic weapon – not …
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Latest Openstack News

Stacking up Open Clouds
As far as open source pedigree goes, OpenStack is of a pretty high calibre. Born out of a joint initiative between NASA and Rackspace in July 2010, its main goal was to simplify the management of both private and public cloud computing services …
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SUSE releases Icehouse OpenStack cloud
SUSE also claims that "SUSE Cloud is the first enterprise distribution with automated high availability (HA) configuration and deployment of the OpenStack cloud services. This ensures the continuous operation of private cloud deployments and the …
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HP is leading contributor in new OpenStack release
HP's president and CEO Meg Whitman has revealed that HP is the leading contributer in the next release of OpenStack – due for release in October – in the company's Q3 2014 earnings call. HP witnessed a 1% revenue growth in Q3 2014 – ended July 31 – to …
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Salesforce Benefits From Cloud Computing Trend; Beats Estimates and Raises

Salesforce Benefits From Cloud Computing Trend; Beats Estimates And Raises, Inc. (CRM), a pioneer of cloud software business, announced its earnings results for the second quarter of tis fiscal 2015 (2QFY15) after the market closed yesterday. It reported adjusted earnings per share (EPS) of $ 0.13, up by 44% …
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VMware Certifies Ubuntu Linux LTS for vCloud Air Cloud Computing
The certification means "optimized and fully supported Ubuntu LTS images" will be available in the VMware cloud, according to Canonical, which will support Ubuntu images on the platform through the Ubuntu Advantage professional support package.
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UW-Madison chosen for federally funded cloud computing research
Cloud computing, which allows users of technology to tap into remote, shared infrastructure and services, is a major facet of today's world. Whether or not we realize it, countless aspects of our daily lives — from social media to drug discovery …
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Latest Openstack News

The Cloud World Gets A Shock, Eucalyptus Joins The OpenStack Love Fest
There are two camps when it comes to cloud operating stacks. On one side you have the OpenStack crew who believe their products give users the greatest degree of flexibility and deliver the most choice. On the other you have those who claim that Amazon …
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OpenStack Neutron Set for New Updates in Juno Release
CHICAGO – Mark McClain and Kyle Mestery have some news for networking professionals: OpenStack Juno is going to be a big release. McClain currently works for Yahoo, Mestery at Cisco, and both men are actively involved in leading the OpenStack …
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Shifting a mindset, why OpenStack is written in Python, and more
Interested in keeping track of what's happening in the open source cloud? is your source for what's happening right now in OpenStack, the open source cloud infrastructure project.

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