FiberCloud Launches High Performance, Next Generation Cloud Servers

FiberCloud Launches High Performance, Next Generation Cloud Servers
Seattle, WA (PRWEB) August 26, 2014 – FiberCloud, a nationwide IT and cloud infrastructure provider, today announced the launch of its next generation cloud servers, which help organizations rapidly deploy and scale their software applications for …
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After Celebrity Photo Hack, How Safe Is the Cloud?
On its website, Apple has an entire overview of the security measures in place to protect data on iCloud. iCloud data is encrypted both on the server and when it is in transit (that means, when it is sent from your device to the server). For photos …
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VPS.NET Unveils New Power Pack For Cloud Servers
This week, launched a new Power Pack feature for cloud servers, which will streamline and simplify the process of auto-scaling. The adept new Power Pack can be purchased at the server build stage, or as an add-on for existing servers, in the …
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Microsoft Offers Its Azure Cloud Computing Service to Chinese E-Retailers

Microsoft offers its Azure cloud computing service to Chinese e-retailers
Microsoft Corp. and Inc. are among the two leading providers in the United States of cloud computing services that offer computer power, web hosting and data storage to companies of all kinds, including online retailers. That competition is …

Introducing the Hybrid Cloud – A New Way to Think About Cloud Computing
However, while cloud computing offers several distinct advantages for small to medium sized businesses, some business owners have been hesitant to consign all of their company's important data to a public storage medium. Still, the advantages of cloud …
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Reeling in New Customers: The Tempting Bait That Is Low-Cost Cloud Storage

Reeling In New Customers: The Tempting Bait That Is Low-Cost Cloud Storage
Want to transfer data to the Internet from Glacier? … Davis said to not forget to factor in services around data stored in a cloud, including hosting, networking, load balancing, workspaces, firewalls, DNS, and a variety database and analytics …
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Azure Websites Scale Better
While clouds like Amazon Web Services require at least some development knowledge to navigate, Microsoft is setting up Azure, and more specifically Azure Websites to be easy to use for most. Microsoft continues to make mass market-type enhancements …
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Rackspace Hosting, Inc. Investors Simply Can't Read the Writing on the Wall
For one, growth in its core Dedicated cloud, or Web hosting, business continues to struggle. While the company saw an acceleration of growth during its last quarter to 12%, $ 310.6 million in revenue, Rackspace has struggled to maintain double-digit …
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Latest Cloud Computing News

Easynet rolls out new European cloud portfolio in response to customer demand
Managed service provider Easynet has launched a new European cloud portfolio, featuring a “hybrid by design” format in response to customer demand. The new solution avoids vendor lock-in by offering customers the opportunity to select the most …
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5 Cloud Computing Funding Stories You Might Have Missed, Sept. 5
These stories are gathered from Talkin' Cloud's article database and other media sources. If we missed something, feel free to leave a comment below. We might just add it into the mix. Here's this week's list of 5 Cloud Computing Funding Stories You …
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Celebrities Get Phished, but the Cloud Gets Blamed

Celebrities get phished, but the cloud gets blamed
Of course, the spin is that "cloud computing" failed and the cloud is unsecure. I hear these rants each time attacks of this type occur, no matter if it's truly a cloud service or, in most cases, internal systems that are somehow compromised. Because …
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InformationWeek University Kicks off With Cloud Computing Class
The current InformationWeek University program will focus exclusively on cloud computing, and will include topics ranging from the role SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS now play in the enterprise, to whether your company's data is at risk when it's stored and …
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Xbox One's Cloud Servers Bring 8-Player Action To Dead Island 2
“Then suddenly Microsoft turns up with a new console and says 'cloud-based servers, always online!' So we immediately looked at that – we'd already decided it was going to be open-world, but with four players? Would I see another guy? “We thought we …
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Cloud Computing Threat Intelligence Platforms: The Next Big Thing?

Cloud computing threat intelligence platforms: The next big thing?
"If a lot of an enterprise's computing is done in the cloud, then they'll go with a cloud-based security solution like this," Rothman said. "But if it's not, then I don't think the benefits will convince those enterprises to move to cloud security …
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Cloud Computing: Where Expectation Should Always Match Reality
Scott Azzolina, VP of Marketing at Connectria Hosting, has more than 30 years of experience in technology with established Fortune 100 companies. When it comes to cloud computing, hosting providers should always serve as a partner and true extension of …
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Fighting Infectious Disease with Cloud Computing
UC San Francisco (UCSF) is working to create an online platform that health workers around the world can use to predict where malaria is likely to be transmitted using data on Google Earth Engine. The goal is to enable resource poor countries to wage …
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A10 Networks to Showcase Thunder TPS DDoS Mitigation Solution and Next
Glen Ogden, Regional Sales Director for the Middle East region at A10 Networks says, "Today, service providers such as cloud providers, web hosting services, ISPs as well as large enterprises require an environment that is highly available and secure, …
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Web Hosting Sales and Promos Roundup – September 12, 2014
September 30, 2013 — In the week ending Friday the 13th, eUKhost is offering up to 50 percent off its hosting services, Netcetera Linux cloud servers are 30 percent off and DreamHost and 123-reg both have deals continuing from last week. Read More …
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Westcon Deal Underscores Distie Cloud Success
At that time, the broadline distributor unveiled three home-grown cloud services—virtual private servers, hosted Microsoft Exchange e-mail services, and Web hosting services—developed in response to its 2013 acquisition of Softcom. Other distributors …
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SoftLayer Expands Bare-Metal Cloud Servers With Hourly Billing Option

SoftLayer expands bare-metal cloud servers with hourly billing option
IBM's SoftLayer cloud division has expanded its cloud computing options with bare-metal servers that can be deployed quickly and are billed by the hour rather than monthly. This is designed to provide greater flexibility for customers to deploy …

BrandPost: 4 Benefits of Moving Traditional Enterprise Apps to the Cloud
They can create a version of their app, call it a test, break it apart and try to make it work in the cloud. It's low-risk and high-reward, since they can spin up cloud servers and throw them away–all at a fraction of what they're used to paying for …
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Cloud users only using half of their paid-for server capacity
Yet despite this, almost half believe this is still "delivering on the promise of cloud". Traditionally, cloud servers have been paid for according to the levels of capacity provisioned – if you run a 4GB server then you pay for a 4GB server …
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5 Cloud Computing Tools That Have Influenced Marketing

5 cloud computing tools that have influenced marketing
Want proof that cloud computing has completely revolutionized the way every industry operates? Try this out — go to and type "Impact of Cloud Computing on." You will see the autocomplete feature listing out a bunch of different industries …
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CLOUD COMPUTING Salesforce Pushes Wearables for the Enterprise
"Mobile app data is often siloed, and IT leaders will find data from apps that use cloud-based information repositories even more diffuse." “We definitely see potential for wearables in the enterprise [sector],” Nick Spencer, Senior Practice Director …
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Video: What do businesses gain with cloud computing?
At the Cloud World Forum held in June at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London, we asked industry leaders what businesses would gain by moving to a cloud computing model. We already had some ideas of what to expect in reply, but rather than stick to …
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Latest Cloud Computing News

7 Points Healthcare Execs Should Consider for Cloud Computing
A report from the Institute for Health Technology Transformation, which includes input from four provider IT leaders and a major cloud vendor, addresses the status of cloud computing along with seven takeaways that healthcare executives should know.
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MetricStream Raises M to Fund Product Development, Innovation
"The funding will help MetricStream boost product development and innovation, with particular emphasis on our core GRC apps and cloud offering," MetricStream COO Gaurav Kapoor told Talkin' Cloud. "It will also help us extend our market leadership in …
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What You Must Know About The Cloud Hosting Services
Cloud server hosting, private and public alike, is the next big thing in the world of web server hosting. This trend is currently attracting the e-commerce retail websites, corporate organizations, online app websites, etc. Though, it has not …
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Latest Cloud Web Hosting News

Citrix Consolidates Cloud Divisions, and Several Cloud Execs Depart
According to a GigaOm report, Cloud Platforms Group VP and GM Sameer Dholakia, CTO Sheng Liang and Market Development VP Shannon Williams have all left the company. Liang and Williams are starting a new company, according to an email sent from …
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Acronis Buys BackupAgent, Beefing up its Cloud Backup Offerings for Web Hosts
Hosting providers can add cloud backup as an additional revenue stream through various Backup-as-a-Service options. With the additional cloud backup capabilities of BackupAgent, Acronis can has a very complete set of cloud backup solutions for …
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Why a Rackspace Sale to CenturyLink Would Make Sense
… YORK (TheStreet) — According to multiple reports, CenturyLink (CTL) , the country's third-largest telecommunications company, is in talks to buy Web-hosting provider Rackspace (RAX) for $ 5.3 billion in a deal that could be at the start of the …

Reports: CenturyLink Mulls Acquisition Of Cloud Vendor Rackspace
( – Integrated telecommunications company CenturyLink, Inc. ( CTL ) is looking to acquire beleaguered cloud vendor Rackspace Hosting, Inc. (RAX) as it continues its acquisition spree, according to media reports on Sunday. Rackspace has …
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NSF Awards $10M to Create Cloud Computing Testbed

NSF Awards M to Create Cloud Computing Testbed
Cloud computing has changed the way we work, the way we communicate online, even the way we relax at night with a movie. But even as "the cloud" starts to cross over into popular parlance, the full potential of the technology to directly impact science …
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NSF greenlights 'Chameleon' and 'CloudLab' for innovative cloud computing
The National Science Foundation said it's funding academic research to develop and experiment with innovative cloud computing architectures. NSF announced Aug. 20 two $ 10 million projects to create cloud testbeds – one called "Chameleon" and the other …
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Judith Lamont: Federal Agencies See Value of Cloud Computing
cloud The Obama administration's “cloud-first” strategy helps federal agencies leverage data sharing, video conferencing and collaboration tools while saving money, research analyst Judith Lamont writes in a KMWorld Magazine article published Monday.
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The dark side of the cloud price wars between Amazon, Google, and Microsoft
A few months ago, I wrote about how the cloud computing market's race to rock-bottom pricing might be doing more harm than good to the industry — cheaper isn't always better, as any coffee snob can tell you. Well, it's still true, and it's worth …
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Cloud Host Linode Adds Professional Services Support Option
The company hopes the new offering will help draw business from enterprises that lack the resources or in-house expertise to take full advantage of the cloud efficiently. "Installing a customized LAMP stack or configuring a specialized website can be …
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HostMonster Is A Good Web Hosting Supplier –New Hosting Reviews Released
… one of the most distinguished review websites, has recently announced that HostMonster ( is a good supplier for customers who want to purchase web hosting (including VPS and cloud hosting) at low prices.

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Cisco ACI to Transform Hybrid Cloud Computing Services, Datacenters Into Strategic Assets, Says IDC

The Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) project of Cisco Systems would turn the data centers and the cloud computing infrastructure into strategic assets with huge savings as well as futuristic prospects.

cisco-systemsCisco System is pursuing its ambitious project to transform the datacenters and other cloud computing infrastructure, such as – virtualization, application integration, cloud computing based mobile applications, and other modern features and capabilities of modern cloud based services – into strategic assets, which can not only save the cost but also behave like the comprehensive policy based service platform for the companies.

International Data Corporation, IDC has found via deep research on the Cisco ACI that this application is going to transform the entire cloud computing infrastructure into the strategic assets that can save huge amount of money for the companies, increase flexibility, speed, security, and reliability of cloud based services across the IT technical ecosystem.

It was further projected in the brief of its research report; IDC says that the Cisco ACI platform, once fully deployed in the cloud computing infrastructure would save as much as 41% of the total expenditures both in the Capex and Opex within three years of time. The savings would be contributed by the capital cost for deployment, time saving in automation of processes, and speed of the work of IT staff due to different applications integrated into the platform.

It is very important to note that Cisco is testing its futuristic ACI cloud platform on its own data centers – it will be implemented on the cloud infrastructure of own company to show case the benefits of this promising platform. The test implementation is underway in Cisco Research Triangle Park, NC, Richardson, and Allen, TX.

The company is focusing this project to be completed by the 2015 positively. This new development of application centric infrastructure of Cisco Systems would help the companies to develop the policy based cloud computing infrastructure that can not only save money but be very flexible to allow any integration of new technologies and platforms without any cumbersome changes in it.

According to the Cisco System, the data centers of the world in the next five years would be transformed into the core strategic assets rather than just cost centers.

The analysts believe that this new approach of Cisco Systems would be very innovative, adaptable and competitive in near future.

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Why I Ditched My Servers for the Cloud

Why I ditched my servers for the Cloud
If it's cloud in the public or in the private space, I'm all over it. Until recently though, I haven't practiced what I preached. Vestiges of my earlier life still existed, in the form of my own private server lab, which I used for software testing and …
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Server capacity over-provisioned as CIOs bring legacy habits to cloud platforms
A survey of 200 global CIOs published today suggests most businesses significantly over-provision cloud resources, with servers typically only seeing about 51 per cent utilisation over their full deployment cycle. Richard Davies, chief executive …
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UNCW Brings Innovators and Investors Together
On Thursday the UNCW Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is hosting a conference for innovators and creators. The Coastal Connect … It's a web application that uses a picture of person's face to create a lifespan prediction. Currently, they're …
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Cirrus Hosting Announces CentOS 7 And Ubuntu Server 14.04 VPS And Cloud
Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Cirrus Hosting, a leading provider of VPS hosting and cloud hosting, has announced the introduction of virtual private server and cloud server hosting plans based on Ubuntu Server 14.04 and CentOS 7, which bring many new …
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From Failed Bitcoin Exchange to Forever Web Hosting
Mark Karpelès, former CEO of the collapsed Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox, has shifted his attention to the web hosting industry. Mt Gox, was based in Tokyo, Japan, and was the world's oldest bitcoin exchange. It collapsed, filling for bankruptcy in February …
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Latest Openstack News

CLOUD COMPUTING Red Hat Pushes VMware Integration with New OpenStack
“We see momentum behind OpenStack as a private cloud platform of choice from enterprise customers and service providers alike,” said Radhesh Balakrishnan, general manager of Virtualization and OpenStack at Red Hat. With its latest iteration, the …
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Red Hat Launches Cloud Computing Management Certification for Enterprise
According to the official statement, this new technical career path would be stated as the part of the largest commercial ecosystem based on OpenStack cloud computing platform called as Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network.

PLUMgrid to Demonstrate the OpenStack Networking Suite at VMworld 2014
PLUMgrid, the worldwide leader of secure cloud networks for public and private clouds, will demonstrate the PLUMgrid OpenStack Networking Suite at the PLUMgrid booth (#746) at VMworld 2014, to be held in San Francisco August 24-28.
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European Commission Puts Forward Standard SLA for Cloud Computing Service Provisioning

This will enhance the benefits of both the user and suppliers of the cloud computing services by the implementation of the standard service level agreements or SLA in the marketplace.

european-commissionIt was proposed by the European Commission Committee today that a standard service level agreement is the need of the day to strengthen the aggressive adoption of cloud computing services across all businesses, and domains of industry. The committee further insisted that it is highly beneficial for both the providers of the cloud computing services as well as the customers of the same across the board in the marketplace of the modern businesses.

While figuring out the benefits of the standard SLAs in the field of cloud computing business, the commission pointed out that, with the implementation of standard SLAs, the all businesses irrespective of their sizes would be able to benefit from the power of the cloud services, the adoption of cloud computing services would accelerate, and the legal complications would reduce to minimum levels.

The statement further informed that, the rules for SLAs were in coordination with Microsoft, IBM, Atos, and SAP. The Cloud Select Industry Group (CSIG) of European Commission formulated the recommendations – and now, the commission plans to test the same at different customer levels, such as – SMEs, Large Enterprises, and home industries.

The statement maintained that the SLA recommendation for cloud computing service providers covered both the technical and legal aspects of the service provisioning in congenial business ecosystem. Thus, the standard contracts would help maintain a high quality and reliability of the service within the specified legal limitations.

“This is the first time cloud suppliers have agreed on common guidelines for service level agreements. “I think small businesses in particular will benefit from having these guidelines at hand when searching for cloud services” says the vice president of European Commission, Neelie Kroes. She further said, “The implementation of standard contracts would play an important role in saving as much as 20% of data center costs for all kinds of business across all domains of industries.”

Viviane Redding, the vice president of European Commission, in his official statement said, “Today’s new guidelines will help generate trust in innovative computing solutions and help EU citizens save money, and more trust means more revenue for companies in Europe’s digital single market.”

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Daines' Work With Cloud Computing Pioneer Shapes His Perspectives on

Daines' work with cloud computing pioneer shapes his perspectives on
RightNow had grown from a startup in Gianforte's Bozeman home to a company that employed 1,100 people worldwide, including 500 in Bozeman. It pioneered the concept of “cloud computing,” in which a software developer, rather than giving software to its …
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VMware Enlists Partners to Create a Federated Cloud
VMware built its Hybrid Cloud Service to provide a VMware public cloud service to IT organizations. Now the VMware service formally known as vCloud Hybrid Services will be replaced by the VMware vCloud Air Network, which adds the cloud computing …
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What you need to know about cloud computing
In some ways, "cloud computing" has become the buzz-phrase of the 21st century. It's a blanket term that can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. In the most basic form, it can mean using data centres with significant processing power to accomplish …
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Latest Openstack News

The why and how of becoming a cloud architect
It's certainly not news. We've talked before about how learning OpenStack is a great way to kickstart an IT career. But just how valuable is it? And if you want to make the transition from doing traditional IT infrastructure administration to becoming …

BCS says audiences still nervous of OpenStack
Speaking exclusively to Datacenter Dynamics, open source cloud computing company Reconnix's CTO Steve Nice said AWS is so far ahead of the OpenStack community of vendors that few developers or end users have the confidence to invest time in …
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Sustainability Reporting Provider Measurabl Adds $2M in VC Funds

Sustainability Reporting Provider Measurabl Adds M in VC Funds
Measurabl's cloud-based software is now used to provide sustainability performance details for thousands of commercial buildings worth more than $ 250 billion collectively, and the San Diego-based startup continues to explore ways to enhance its solution.
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Assessing how cloud computing has transformed the workspace
Yet none of this could be possible without the cloud powering it, as Backupify has been investigating. The cloud provider notes that in the pre-cloud office, “computers were a mess of tangled cords and colossal towers.” This is of course a bit of a …
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Shadow Cloud Is Risky Business for SMBs
However, as cloud computing continues to gain popularity and more employees use the cloud on their personal devices, shadow cloud has added a new level of risk. "[Shadow cloud] is harder to find, because it is being procured at small cost and is no …
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Oracle's Solaris 11.2 Slaps on Support for OpenStack and SDN

Oracle's Solaris 11.2 slaps on support for OpenStack and SDN
Oracle Corp. has just pushed out a new release of its Solaris enterprise Unix platform, adding several enhancements that include OpenStack integration and various security, performance and compliance boosters. The most interesting addition to Oracle …
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Google Launches Cloud DataFlow, a Cloud Computing Based Data Pipeline Management Tool

Cloud DataFlow in Beta Version would be used to manage the large data pipelines of different social media activities or other cloud computing based feeds, and data flows from multiple online platforms.

GoogleThis was announced by Google Corporation during its annual conference for the developers at the last weekend that, it has started some new initiatives for the users of the cloud computing services of the company to enhance their experience. These initiatives includes many cloud computing based features and capabilities that can increase the satisfaction of the customers – the most important of them is the launch of Cloud DataFlow in Beta Version for managing the cloud computing based data pipelines.

According to the official announcement made by the company, the newly introduced tool would help users manage the large and most complex data pipelines with the help of the powerful drill down options of the tool. The Cloud DataFlow tool is capable of handling both the streaming as well as the batch of data to process and manage according to the requirements of the user.

While talking about the technical features of this cloud computing based tool of the company, the Head of the Product Marketing at Google Cloud Platform, Mr. Brian Goldfarb explained that the tool uses the same API for both the complex as well as the simple pipelines, which enables the developers to concentrate on their development work on the data, and allowing the Cloud DataFlow to manage the data pipelines. This tool takes into account all conversation between different segments, and is capable to handle the traffic among the segments with the help of different logics, such as, aggregation by sliding window, parts of map, keys and others.

This tool is capable to produce the graphical presentation of the desire reports out of the large volume of data pipelines. This tool provides monitoring information of the cloud application, auto debugging feature, and service level metrics.

“Cloud Dataflow handles both batch and streaming data,” as pointed out by Brian. “Imagine analyzing millions of tweets posted during a worldwide event in real time. In one pipeline segment, you read the tweets. In the next segment you extract tags. In another segment, you classify tweets by sentiment (positive, negative, or other). In the next segment, you filter for keywords. And so on. Map/Reduce — an older paradigm for handling large data sets — doesn’t readily deal with such real-time data, and doesn’t easily apply to such long, complex pipelines” he added.

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Charity Wins G-Cloud Hosting and Cloud Migration Contract

Charity wins G-Cloud hosting and cloud migration contract
Eduserv, a registered charity, has won a two-year Bristol City Council cloud computing contract via G-Cloud. According to the announcement, the £1.5m contract entails outsourcing of daily IT requirements as well as data hosting to managed services …
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AMAX Showcasing OpenStack-Based CloudMax Private Cloud Solution at

AMAX Showcasing OpenStack-Based CloudMax Private Cloud Solution at
CloudMax™, recent winner of Intel's Server Innovation Award for Best Data Center Product, is a total turnkey private cloud solution featuring OpenStack integrated with either traditional server or Facebook-inspired Open Compute (OCP) platforms, Open …
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Global Top 10 Automaker Adopts OpenStack for Enterprise-Wide Private Cloud
A white paper published today by the OpenStack Foundation describes how the auto manufacturer sought to leverage massive amounts of data being generated by the cars themselves as well as by customers, dealers, service departments, insurance …
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Vmware Brings Prompt from Amazon with New Openstack Framework
Vmware Brings Prompt from Amazon with New Openstack Framework SAN FRANCISCO: VmWare has been acutely focused on the application code illustrated by datacenter which is way for the past couple of years; however as of now the virtualization …
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KPN Acquires Dutch Hosting Provider Argeweb

KPN Acquires Dutch Hosting Provider Argeweb
Argeweb provides web hosting, domain registration, hosted Microsoft Exchange and cloud storage services. It is based in Maassluis, which is close to Rotterdam. According to a report by TotalTelecom, Argeweb currently serves more than 50,000 customers.
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Richardson cloud provider takes military approach to security to protect
While Web hosting providers such as Amazon and IBM dominate the industry, FireHost sees itself foremost as a security company. It's that focus, executives say, that distinguishes the 5-year-old company from competitors. “We're a security company, and …
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SUSE catching up to Red Hat on OpenStack Icehouse?
open source SUSE Inc., the long-time second-fiddle of the enterprise Linux world, has finally started shipping the latest Icehouse release of OpenStack with its private cloud platform. The launch comes more than a month after arch-nemesis Red Hat Inc …
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Cisco Systems Releases UCS Big Data CVD Based on Ubuntu OpenStack
Cisco_logo Ubuntu OpenStack continues to be the “go to” platform for enterprise scale out solutions, as Cisco releases its latest CVD (Cisco Validated Design), Hadoop as a Service (HaaS) with Cisco UCS Common Platform Architecture (CPA v2) for Big Data …
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